Alfredo Jaar

Alfredo Jaar

Alfredo Jaar, A Logo for America, 1987.

Alfredo Jaar

A Logo For America, 1987

Release Date: 6 October 2016

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Alfredo Jaar
A Logo For America, 1987
Fujiflex print
50.8 x 62.8cm
Edition of 100
£3,600 (SLG Fan Price £3,500)

Chilean-born artist, architect, and filmmaker Alfredo Jaar creates installations, photographs, films, and community-based projects that explore issues around humanitarian crises and the relationship between the First and Third Worlds. Probing the contemporary over-saturation of media images and the limitations of art in representing atrocities, Jaar draws attention to global power and exploitation. Perhaps his best-known work, This Is Not America (A Logo for America) (1987) consisted of a sequence of projections overlooking a U.S. army recruitment station in Times Square, including the outlined map of the U.S. with the words “This Is Not America” written across, and the word “America” superimposed over all the Americas—North, Central, and South. “There's this huge gap between reality and its possible representations. And that gap is impossible to close,” Jaar has said. “So as artists, we must try different strategies for representation. The neglected everyday environment can have such extraordinary complexity and beauty."

A Logo for America was re-presented in Piccadilly Circus during the South London Gallery’s presentation of Under the Same Sun – Art in Latin America Today in July 2015.

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